An open letter from the founder of RoboMustache

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An open letter from the founder of RoboMustache

Charles Wade (Photo by Perfecta Visuals)

I wanted to say a few things about RoboMustache and everything that has happened in the world of RoboMustache over the last couple of years.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone that has shown support for RoboMustache. I started RoboMustache as a hobby. I am a graphic designer and crafter by trade and I wanted to make neat things. I have received an overwhelming response for my creations, so thank you.

The main thing I wanted to talk about is: What is RoboMustache and what does it all mean? I want to be open and honest about everything that is RoboMustache. RoboMustache isn’t a massive corporate institution and it isn’t backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors. RoboMustache started as me and my passion. I started RoboMustache at the same time I had a full-time job as a graphic designer and a part-time job as an instructor. I came home tired from the days work, but wanted to do more with my talents and RoboMustache was born.

Over the last couple of years I have gotten help from friends when I needed it most; to get ready for a big event or provide feedback on my creations. But ultimately it has been me, sitting in my home office, creating what feels right. Any extra cash I had went to RoboMustache because it was something I loved doing. I’d be lying if I said it has been easy. Starting a business isn’t easy, but it has been a lot of fun as well. I have met some amazing people and have gotten to travel a lot because of RoboMustache.

Within the last few months a lot has happened with RoboMustache. I’ve had help from the Triad Startup Lab, several talented people in the area, friends willing to dedicate their time to supporting the concept, traveled up and down the east coast and have had a lot of amazing experiences.

The Kickstarter is the current big project and there has been a lot of hard work to get it where it is now. RoboMustache doesn’t have a PR person, a social media expert, a photographer, a bookkeeper or any of that. I am the PR person, the social media expert, the photographer, the bookkeeper, the graphic designer, the concept artist, the webmaster and everything in between.

I have two very dedicated friends that have helped with anything I have needed along the way and I appreciate them and all the time they have put into my concept dearly. They have attended events with me, helped packaging and distribution and helped with much more. I have mentors that care a lot about RoboMustache because they see the potential and see how much it means to me. I have friends and family that when asked for feedback are there to help provide that. I appreciate everyone that has spent their time to help my dreams become a reality.

Which is what I want to talk about next: What does RoboMustache mean to me? RoboMustache is me in every way. It is my personality, my creativity and my passion. It is how I express who I am. It means everything to me and more. It means I have a job that I am passionate about. It means waking up everyday wanting to inspire others and being able to do so. It means making people smile and laugh when they see my ideas or piece together my creations. It means being a leader, not just a boss, for my employees by fostering a creative and enjoyable atmosphere to work in. It means creating local jobs and paying a living wage. It means working with people I can call friend and not just another employee. It means appreciating those that help make RoboMustache something amazing. It means doing what I love to do and making people happy along the way.

I want to take RoboMustache from a “me” project and turn it into something “we” can be proud of. Something we all have a hand in. Something we can look back on and say “We did this.”

The Kickstarter has a little less than two weeks left and it isn’t looking good. We have a long way to go in a short period of time. If the Kickstarter isn’t successful then it’ll be a blow to me, but it won’t mean I’ll be giving up. It means I’ll have to try again, maybe in a different way, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be the end of RoboMustache.

I’m not a person that likes to ask others for anything, but when it comes to something I am deeply passionate about, I’m not afraid to ask. So please take a moment to check out the Kickstarter. If you can back it, then please do. If you can’t afford backing it then please take a moment to share it. You’ll be helping me fulfill my dreams and I would greatly appreciate it.

If you would like to check out the Kickstarter you can see it here.

Thank you.

-Charles Wade

Photo Credit: Perfecta Visuals

Charles Wade
Charles Wade
Founder, designer, artist & maker.

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