Artists Wanted!

August 9, 2014
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August 22, 2014
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Artists Wanted!

I’m looking to get a few artists in on a collaboration project. I will be doing a Kickstarter sometime in the near future and have some neat ideas for my robots. I’m not much of a painter myself and I also figured it would be cool to have some great artists to join the project.

There will be 6 different robots that you can choose from to paint in your own style. It is up to you to choose how you paint your robot. That robot will then be offered as a reward in the Kickstarter and you will receive a percentage of the reward. That percentage has yet to be decided, but it can be discussed.

The robot will come pre-assembled for you to decorate or you can assemble it yourself. It is up to you. Robots range from 20-140 parts and all have their own style. They also all move! Yes, all robots have moving parts and can be posed.

If you are interested in helping out then head on over to the contact page and let me know.


Charles Wade
Charles Wade
Founder, designer, artist & maker.

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