Charles Wade

Charles Wade

RoboMustache is a collection of work by myself, Charles Wade.

I started RoboMustache as a way to express what I enjoy about art and design through any means possible. Currently I have a fascination with robots and wood, so I’m venturing into the unknown (for me, at least) and making robot kits. I’m also experimenting with necklaces, stickers and a much more.

I live in North Carolina working at a local newspaper. There I am a graphic and web designer. Which is a fancy way of saying I do a little bit of everything. I am the sole designer and page layout extraordinaire for an award-winning magazine, I do layout for a second smaller magazine, I also manage several social media accounts for the paper, do general IT and help out wherever I’m needed.

I also work out of my home doing freelance projects in my spare time.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in myself and my work. And feel free to contact with me with any inquiries.